Tap water was found to contain carcinogens total trihalomethanes, causing great concern and discussion in American society. Granular activated carbon technology of the time for the then filtered material, can not be removed carcinogens. Founder Les Brothers, strongly develop more force to filter water purifier, one in barbecue, whim of "carbon neutral in bulk water can not pass?", Opened the first high-purity carbon crystallization technology step.

WATPURE water purification technology originated in California, through continuous research and efforts to accumulate, successfully passed the test, developed the world's first high-purity carbon crystallized water purifiers.

High purity carbon crystallized water purifiers, precision inspection by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), by 42 and 53 texture certified health certificate, a wide range of proven effective in removing contaminants from water.

WATPURE water purifier is the world's first home was shown to significantly reduce NSF gasoline additives, pesticides, chloramines, MTBE and other contaminants in the company, but branched out into international markets.

At the same time the world's only been proven effective in reducing toxic NSF - water purifier manufacturers arsenic and mercury. At the same time by many American water purifier supplier, in the US consumer evaluation magazine Consumers Digest (Consumers Digest) years, was elected the nation's consumers the best water purifier Best Buy award.

It has been 42 years of history along the way specializes in water purification research and development, providing high-quality drinking water pollution is committed to the goal, and we provide a reasonable and affordable prices, now become a leading global carbon crystallization technology areas, high purity carbon crystallized water purifiers.

1970 First developed the world's first high-purity carbon crystal technology

When other brands began to import water purification goods, CBT from the United States in 1970 has been 40 years of history OEM filtration technology for the world's largest manufacturer filter net. In addition to decades specializing in the field of water purification technology, and more in the screening of hold strictly adhere to the raw materials, and close to the heart of cardiac function filter design presents, is the reason for our water purification equipment to lay leadership.

Won the nation's consumers the best water purifier

US magazine Consumer evaluation Consumers Digest (Consumers Digest), by many US water purifier supplier, the United States and Pu elected as the nation's consumers the best water purifier water purifier Best Buy. During the selection of the reference to (1) Performance (2) easy to use (3) durability (4) Warranty (5) removal efficiency (6) good design (7) Service (8) reasonable price meet all the above criteria full of goods, have a chance to be recommended by the American consumers Digest as a life goal merchandise selection.

The Republic of China won the eighth annual Golden Torch Award largest merchandise

Eighth Golden Torch Award from the Institute for Information Industry, the Republic of China Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association, the Commercial Times, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, the National Federation of Trade Unions, youth entrepreneurship associations, youth Merchants Association, Accountants, Pan Asia Job Bank, the manager Monthly, electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association jointly. Accreditation reference to (1) quality control and new product development (2) product market expansion and growth rate (3) competitive advantage, product characteristics, the United States and world-class pump water purifier to uphold professional, honest, pragmatic, innovation spirit, award-winning Top Ten merchandise ROC Golden Torch Award.

Global indicators certification unit

Not only by the United States and Pu NSF certification, and obtain professional certification bodies from around the world to verify.