Watpure Water Purification Technology
  • International numbering 316 top stainless steel
  • The whole machine by NSF certification

    NSF prove No.1 Water Efficiency
    By number NSF53 (average 99%) health certification
    No. NSF42 (Class I) taste Certification

  • Vacuum isolation technology

    Ensure safe to drink raw inhibit bacteria produce

  • Safety Whip Design

    Gently press to remove water pipes

  • Dual certification polluting water pipes

    Top British system of pipes / fittings
    No. NSF61 Pollution Certification
    No. NSF51 Withstand Certification

  • 360-degree Four in one tubular filter net Technology

    WATPURE activated carbon water purification technology using high-quality raw material, which is higher than the iodine value of finesse incinerator 900 mg / g standard, only adhere to high standards of raw materials, to the high-compression technology in manufacturing highly dense crystal symmetry of the activated carbon block, let the water with activated carbon crystal can have a more prolonged contact through to reach the height of the water purifier filter efficacy requirements.

  • FIRST - Five micron mechanical filter
  • Large sand filter out dirt and odor

  • SECOND - Charge Adsorption
  • The use of positive and negative charge principle, filtered colloidal contaminants and bacteria

  • THIRD - Physical adsorption
  • Rapid absorption of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides and other chemical contaminants

  • FOURTH - Pole micron UF mechanical
  • The use of high-density carbon crystal technology, isolation microbes, parasites, etc.

      There can not go beyond the water purifier
      Global Leading Certifications
  • National Sanitation Foundation
    Meanwhile only by highly toxic arsenic and mercury in the water purifier manufacturer
  • Global indicators certification unit to perform inspection and testing of drinking water, just and fair and transparent manner for the quality of drinking water treatment products rigorous testing, safety and risk management for consumers to check, and food and drinking water for the world certified indicators and safety is ensured.

    United States of America and pump manufacturing world-class water purification technology, the whole machine by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF53.42) two-factor authentication, can also filter heavy metals arsenic and mercury is greater than, and was certified as the world's first water purifier effectiveness, high precision, the degree of purity of thick carbon crystal is difficult to be exceeded, the world's 80 countries with 8.5 million households use common trust!

  • No. NSF42 Drink taste first stage Class I Aesthetic Effects
  • Other commercially available and certified water purifier is different, WATPURE purifier is the first to be shown to effectively filter NSF chloramine filtered while the proportion of chlorine was 98%, far exceeding the standard value NSF50% below NSF 42 certification of the Class I No. grades drink taste!

  • NSF53 First made ​​a number of pollutant index Certification
  • WATPURE water purifier is the world's first home was shown to significantly reduce NSF gasoline additives, pesticides, chloramines, MTBE and other contaminants company, is currently the only proven NSF, while effectively reducing the heavy metals arsenic and mercury in water purification manufacturer.

  • NSF51 Super pressure, NSF61 Polluting material certification
  • WATPURE using Britain's largest manufacturer of drinking John Guest fitting parts cutting-edge technology with a 50-year history. High pressure pipes and fittings with non-polluting double-entry characteristics, quality and No. 61 by NSF51 super pressure and pollution environmental protection material certification.

  • UNEP confirmed that the United States and Japan Urawa water purifier to filter radiation contamination
  • JAPN WATPURE water purification technology (ma by Multi APICAL ュ ア ji ャ pa nn Ltd.) sampling water, Fukushima Soma-gun Iitate (Iitatemura) from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant northwest of about 40 km, and its water is severely radioactive contamination, Japanese inspection agency (Environmental synthesis manufactured by Technovision su) test the report confirmed that exceed safety standards containing "radioactive iodine" and "cesium-134", "cesium-137" radiation contaminated water through the United States and pump water purifier filtration, water testing no contaminants ND (Not Detected ), on behalf of all of them can filter out.

      Respect & Protect
      Our Earth
  • Water. ECO. Science and Technology
  • WATPURE world-class water purification technology, care for environmental protection, and the implementation of research and development in technology, from 1970 become a pioneer in the development of green energy water purification technology to provide you the principles of natural and energy consumption.

  • Natural filtration technology natural, environmentally friendly, green energy technology
  • You may not know, is currently commercially available home water purifier in Taiwan about 60%, commercial floor up to 90% water dispenser, drinking a glass of water, which is discharged four to six cups water! Technology used in the United States and Pu and other different, based on high compression technology to quench the chain into high-purity carbon crystal to be charged hydraulic principles and physical adsorption to filter toxic and carcinogenic pollutants brought by industrialization and water, insects and bacteria rust and sediment, and therefore can be 99.9% complete filter net, not effluent, green energy, security and the economy.

  • Health drink flowing water - Natural mineral water retention
  • Taiwan's inspection agency report noted that through professional-grade high-tech Filter Four arising out of the quality of drinking water, which is beneficial to the human body retains the right amount of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and other health elements, providing a 100% safety standard drink running water, the resulting out of the water, PH value is between pH neutral to slightly alkaline state, exactly in line with the body's natural slightly alkaline. Medical professionals often say that if water quality or food delivered too acid or too alkaline, the body will not stand, the United States and Pu water purification technology, will restore the general tap into the most natural pollution-free drinking water is absolutely assured of your choice.

  • Beneficial to humans
  • Mineral water retention value

  • Maintaining the structural bones, teeth
  • Treatment After:33.5mg/L(Retain healthy calcium)

      Magnesium ions
  • Maintain nerve and muscle function
  • 8.62mg/L(Retain healthy magnesium ions)

  • Maintaining the heartbeat regularity, balance plasma concentration
  • Treatment After:33.5mg/L(Retain healthy potassium ions)

  • Maintaining antioxidant, free radical scavenging, immune function operation
  • Treatment After:33.5mg/L(Retain health selenium ions)