Micro-Clean Life

Eco-House of New Era Feel Life with Healthy Water

Micro-Clean life is the fortified water protection with multiple and precise protection functions, which can purify household water in depth and protect family’s health comprehensively. At all time, micro-clean life upgrades family’s health in every aspect.

    Building Sectional Perspective View
    World Boutique Unique Micro Clean Taste
    Watpure 旗艦款淨水器
    Watpure 豪華款淨水器
    Watpure 經典款淨水器
    Watpure 全戶型淨水器
    Watpure 加熱器
    JUDO JPM微淨器
    JUDO 電晶微淨器(防垢型)
    Watpure 沐浴球
    Watpure 沐浴器