Enlightenment scientific attitude with water, the transformation of mankind

1936 is an important year in the history of water purification, a top engineer in Düsseldorf, Germany Mr. Dopslaff created JUDO. As the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and the German Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) two authoritative members of Mr. Dopslaff although after JUDO headquarters was destroyed in World War II setbacks, still with extraordinary skill with missiles and artillery shell casings build a new generation of micro-net equipment, protective pipes from particle erosion. Until 1952, Han Bin established a new corporate headquarters in Germany Winnenden, from opening up to the world's first road JUDO.

Revolutionary NO.1
  • 1962
      Developed the world's first Micro-Clean-Device(SCHUTZFILTER)
  • 1974
      Developed the world's first Micro-Clean-Device for backwashing
  • 1978
      Into first reverse osmosis desalination plant
  • 1983
      Developed the first water-softening products( JUDOMAT DX 2)
  • 1997
      Developed the world's first Micro-Clean heating backwashing filter
  • 2006
      The first inspection by the German DVGW Certified Water Quality Association leakproof plant equipment
  • 2011
      Developed the world's first patented antimicrobial rating backwashing Micro-Clean-Device
  • Germany JUDO sophisticated water purification system is a long history of the brand and the increasing modernization of production capacity

    To meet the growing demand, manufacturing facilities in Winnenden had repeatedly expanded. In the mid-1960s, we have set up an additional modern factory in Backnang-Waldrems, because the modernization and expansion of times.

    Experience makes us the leading

    The root of our success in pioneering spirit and enhance the quality of effectiveness, the traditional standard processes adhere to the daily work,
    Even in modern times, still continue to develop and produce.

      Germany JUDO chief position in the Micro-Clean-Device, won the European patent with the international market, multi-master certainly purification technology to create a better future for humanity.