Global Leading Certificate
NSF , National Sanitary Foundation
NSF executes drinking water examination, controls safety and risk management for customers, and ensures the safety for food and drinking water worldwide.
Water Quality, Water Quality Association
Being authorized and permitted by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Standards Council of Canada (SCC), Water Quality Association offers testing and certificates for drinking products and chemicals.
DVGW, Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas - und Wasserfaches
DVGW has provided technical and scientific examinations in German gas and water industry since 1859. DVGW also cooperates with DIN closely, which has significant impact to European related regulation.
JWWA, Japan Water Works Association
JWWA conducts strict examination on drinking water treatment products with fair and transparent process, including different feature standards for products in different position (water filter, faucet and showering)
KT, Japan Environmental Institute
Japan Environmental Institute conducts research and investigation related to environment, reviews impact analysis, and predicts related research and investigation.
SGS, Societe Generale de Surveillance
SGS executes quality examination on commodities, and ensures products can apply to international standards and local legal requirements. SGS can test product quality efficacy and safety according to different safety regulations and legal standards.