About WTI
Water Treatment Health Authority
Healthy and clean water is the important part in human society; however, the tremendous industrial development and abundant business activities produced by Capitalism has outshined the value and importance of clean water resources. The water resource has been seriously polluted during the modernization process, which creates various unknown and complicated pollutants and etiology. Moreover, the speed of new pollutant generation is faster than modern medical development. Therefore, using innovative modern water treatment science to turn water into natural status and prevent etiology transform to different diseases is the most important goal to protect human health.
WTI , born for healthy water use
As a result of the emerging urge of healthy water use, WTI was born with the goal to lead the innovative mindset of healthy water use. WTI adopts international professional certificates with scientific data to replace the traditional promotional advertisement to refresh consumers with knowledge of water treatment science. Health is a long-term investment and the daily health care is the key to avoid serious future disease! By using the most natural and environmental method in healthy water use, WTI expects to create sustainable operation values in human health activities.

Cultivate Deeply and Progress to the Future
WTI was founded in 2007 to introduce Taiwan water treatment market the American best water purifier brand, Watpure and the British leading brand of drinking water equipment, John Guest. Moreover, the outstanding German brand, JUDO water treatment system is introduced as well to establish WTI’s leading position in water treatment market. WTI flagship store of first generation in Taipei has evolved into the Dunnan flagship store 2.0 with a grand and luxury design, which offers customers a more distinguished and exclusive experiences. The cooperation with Department store leader Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and retail giant Testrite group brought WTI the outstanding performance in the market. In 2014, WTI starts a comprehensive brand expansion and expects that WTI can have a greater influence in the water treatment market.
The Perfect Combination between Human Nature and Technology
WTI considers that the environment with careful design is the key to maintain the brand charm. Therefore, the unique space utilization is well expressed in the layout of office and store design. The perfect demonstration of visual art offers employees and customers the most comfortable environment. The global leading luxury water treatment experience store well address the world-class leading position of Watpure; The sophisticated movement patterns and product display enable a smooth and efficient in-store tour guide; the professional and vivid water treatment science operation demonstration allows the high-tech filtration process to be realized simply. Besides, the cloud service of customer management is another distinguished value-added service item that offers customers instant service, filtration cartridge change renewal notification, product relocation and product repair, to get close to customer.
The Professional and Customized Water Resources Management System
WTI has high-efficiency and fortified integration and employment ability in the water treatment management field, combining European-American leading water treatment equipment with international professional consultancy to provide customized integrative water resources management system to customers. WTI owns the spirit and principle of pursuing perfection with innovative thinking to create the benchmark of high quality water treatment equipment and keep introducing cutting-edge water treatment technology to domestic market. WTI helps customers gain the latest information from global markets to broaden their horizons.

WTI uses the leading accurate craftsmanship and the most advanced water treatment technology to turn water into the cleanest status, and provide various water resources management value-added services. WTI provides customized professional services according to user’s demands, ranging from the water quality of SGS water examination, various water usage evaluation, sea water desalination, waste water management to energy efficient economy issues. WTI evaluates the water quality improvement and cost management according to customers ‘attributes and needs. As for the water resource solution, WTI combines European-American international resources and architecture mechanical professionals together with JUDO and Watpure products to provide customers intelligent water resource solution.
Well-trained exclusive technicians
We believe that professional services is the key to win customer’s trust. In order to provide the best service quality, we send our technicians to Europe and U.S.A for professional training to ensure the best services. The selected technicians can utilize advanced techniques in installation process, which provides great confidence to our customers.
The Persistence in Perfect Business Operation
The persistence of business operation of WTI is successfully performed in every details, from persisting to sell the best products to providing the most transparent prices and the most ideal purchase environment, which win WTI the reputation in the markets. The persistence in service quality enables WTI to provide professional and customized services from sales, aftersales to installment.